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  • Smart contract based MLM is a decentralized Multi-Level marketing platform based on the blockchain powered Smart Contracts built on various Blockchain network like Bitcoin, Ethereum, TRON, EOS, Binance, BUSD etc.

Smart Contract Based MLM Software | Smart Contract MLM

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Smart contract MLM Software or MLM Software Based on Smart Contract is a decentralized app. Hire MLM Software Developer & Blockchain Developer for your MLM Plan supported by blockchain networks with smart contracts, such as Ethereum, Tron, Binance, or BUSD smart contracts. High levels of trust will result from the integration of smart contracts into an MLM company since it does away with centralized authority, lowers risk, and provides high security by ensuring decentralization with automatic transaction execution. Credibility is attained through the smart contract-based MLM platform, which uses the key advantages of blockchain smart contracts, such as decentralization, immutability, and transparency, for the development of MLM businesses.

MLM Smart Contract Intensifying Earnings With Blockchain

The smart contract the process of creating and launching an MLM website platform that is enabled by blockchain smart contracts is known as MLM development. Any blockchain network with a smart contract MLM, including those built on Bitcoin, TRON, Ethereum, Binance, BUSD, and EOS, can carry out automatic transactions on the MLM Platform with a high level of security and transparency. Development of smart contract MLM platforms is on the rise in current digital age since it solves problems with traditional MLM businesses like lack of traceability, risks, and scams.

MLM Smart Contract Intensifying Earnings With Blockchain

Benefits of Blockchain MLM Smart Contracts Platform

Enterprise blockchain services to build a better career

Tamper Protected Solutiont

Tamper Protected Solution

Decentralized System

Decentralized System

Multi Currency Wallet

Multi Currency Wallet

Quick Payouts System

Quick Payouts System

100% Transparent Processes

100% Transparent Processes

Crypto Wallet Integration

Crypto Wallet Integration

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Features Of Crypto Based MLM Software

Multi-level marketing is gradually shifting to digital platforms


100% Transparecy

The entire blockchain smart contracts mlm platform offers complete transparency, and the data are stored in a distributed public ledger, making it accessible for all users participating in the MLM plan.

Decentralized Network

Decentralized Network

Al Hadaf Technologies MLM system is completely decentralized, empowering users to possess complete control over funds. No intermediaries or admin access is allowed.

P2P Transfers

P2P Transfers

The fund transfers between one user wallet to another user wallet, leading to faster Peer-to-Peer (P2P) transactions. Here, third-party involvement is entirely terminated.

Automation Transactions

Automation Transactions

The banish of third-parties and the admin leads to a readily automated MLM solutions that is efficient in every single functionality.

Multiple Crypto Wallets

Multiple Crypto Wallets

Blockchain provide the integrations of cryptocurrencies wallets like MetaMask and Trust-wallet to ensure effortless fund transfers. Any other wallet can also be integrated as per the clients requirements.

API To External Exchanges

API To External Exchanges

A secure API connection to the leading cryptocurrency exchanges like binance, and more ensures that the users can quickly buy or sell their sought after cryptocurrency to participate in the MLM process.

Our Advanced MLM Software Features

Al Hadaf Technologies Software for MLM business is packed with enterprise-standard features for MLM business

E-Commerce Integration

Integrate your MLM software with e-commerce functionalities.

Mobile Apps

Manage your MLM network from your mobile phone.

Learning Management

Automate and ease MLM training with our LMS integration.

Crypto Based MLM Software

Use popular cryptocurrencies for MLM transactions.

Automatic Payment

Automate all the payments in your MLM network.

E-wallet Integration

Perform all MLM payments online from your phone or computer.

Multilingual Support

Make your MLM business truly international.

CRM Integration

Integrate CRM to effectively manage customer relations.

Multiple Currencies Integrations

Support multiple currencies from all over the world.

E-Pin System

Make product purchasing safer with our E-pin integration.

Bitcoin Integration

Accept bitcoin payments in your MLM with bitcoin integration.

Backup System

Back up all the data of your MLM network on the cloud.

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