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  • Al Hadaf Technology specializes in providing DeFi (Decentralized Finance) wallet development services. DeFi wallets are digital wallets that allow users to store, send, and receive cryptocurrencies and other digital assets without the need for intermediaries like banks. Al Hadaf Technology's DeFi wallet development services are tailored to meet the unique needs of their clients, providing secure and user-friendly wallets that are easy to use.

Problem In The Crypto Wallet You Are Using

Problem In The Crypto Wallet You Are Using

The problem with the crypto wallet you're using is that its scope is restricted to simple storage or to serving as an interface for transferring cryptocurrency value due to the centralized structure of crypto wallets. Centralized wallets are vulnerable to single points of failure and include:

Risk of identity theft Infrastructure outages has increased The potential for a government shutdown A small number of investment opportunities

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White Label Multiple-Cryptocurrency Wallet Features

Al Hadaf Technologies has been a leading Blockchain and Smart Contracts development company

OTC Trading Facility

Direct asset transfers between two different users are made possible through over-the-counter trading. Low latency and high security are both features.

Multi Layer Security

We establish a highly secure infrastructure for sending, receiving, and storing multiple crypto assets simultaneously in the security layer.

Automatic Conversion Rates

Users have the option of viewing their account balance at any moment and transferring their funds to popular fiat currencies like USD, GBP, AUD etc.

User Friendly Interface

We provide cross browsers interface and professional traders are benefitted with our platform’s ease of usage in any devises over the globe.

Enhanced Privacy

With our non-custodial white label wallet, the private keys of the users are converted to confidential mnemonic phrases ensuring enhanced privacy.

Sell Crypto

Users can sell off their crypto easily from their wallets and get the money credited to their credit cards with low latency with them e-wallet.

Buy Crypto with Credit Card

Users can buy any cryptocurrency according to their choice with a credit card through secure transactions by their wallet.

API Connection to Crypto Exchanges

The secure API connections with the leading crypto exchanges in the market, we ensure users can buy and sell their cryptos.

Cross Platform Compatibility

Our white label solution is equally compatible with multiple platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows, and any device.

How Does The Decentralized Crypto Wallet Work?

On a blockchain, there are millions of nodes hosting the wallet infrastructure. The DeFi crypto currency wallet is always active, protected against hacks, and exempt from international rules because there is no single point of control or failure.
Additionally, they are integrated with Web3 wallets, so the user can connect to other platforms without leaving the wallet software.

How Does The Decentralized Crypto Wallet Work

Multi-Cryptocurrency Wallet Advantages

DeFi development and services cover all the tenets of a financial ecosystem

Multi Currency Wallet Development

There are now thousands of unique crypto currencies. Each has its own infrastructure, ecosystem, and function. The multi-currency wallet will enable you to access multiple currencies from a single wallet if you have a preference for using various currencies.

Detect Duplicate Payments

It's risky for fund suppliers to make additional money out of thin air or especially by committing fraud, which is why crypto currency systems generally don't accept charge-backs. Moreover, the 2-factor authorization protocol.

Automatic Session Logout

In order to enhance the primary security process, every single session logs out automatically. Initiating new login triggers after every X time (minutes or hours) will apparently keep the fund and account secured.

Inflation Free Investment

Every crypto currency is predicted to reach or exceed a certain value at some point. Because the total amount of virtual money is limited, it is impossible for bitcoin to escape the inflationary cycle.

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