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Decentralized financial services have completely shifted the dynamics of lending, borrowing, crypto exchanges, insurance, tokenization, and asset trading by plucking the power from central authorities and allowing peer to peer transactions. Thanks to open-source blockchain technology, these varied services can now be carried out swiftly using smart contracts. The terms and conditions of a smart sontract are coded, audited and, once these conditions are met, the smart contracts carry out the corresponding actions.

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DApp is a fully secured, trustless, rapid, scalable, and stable, AL Hadaf Technologies delivers effective dapps across verticals and industries.

With extensive experience creating dapp backend code, designing and crafting interfaces, and matching technology to business goals and processes, AL Hadaf Technologies build custom decentralized applications that help businesses grow in blockchain technology network.
And all changes are logged in an immutable record, protected by the consensus model, while cryptography security is built in.

Al Hadaf Technologies’s dApp Services

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Al Hadaf Technologies’s dApp Services

What Are DeFi Smart Contracts?

The Smart Contracts came dates all the way back to the 1990s when a cryptographer, Nick Szabo defined it as “a set of promises, specified in digital form, including protocols within which the parties perform on these promises.” At its core, smart contracts contain functions that are written in code that are executed when certain if-then conditions are met. The automatic execution that smart contracts facilitate is the basis on which all decentralized protocols function. Smart contracts developed on blockchains, make the need for middlemen obsolete. They are fully secure, remove time-consuming processes like verification, prevent third-party integrations, are accurate since the functions are written in code, and are autonomous.

Benefits Of Smart Contracts With DeFi Protocols

Smart contracts completely remove the need for centralized authorities and offer a innumerable benefits.

High Security

Smart contracts ensure that all transactions that take place through a DeFi protocol are secure, eradicating security breaches, encrypted data, and other risks.

Al Hadaf Technologies’s dApp Services


Smart contracts have bid adieu to demanding paperwork. They are completely digitized and store all transactional information in dApp ledgers.

Al Hadaf Technologies’s dApp Services

High Speed

Long processes that are the norm of traditional financial transactions are eliminated since smart contracts are wholly autoated, accelerating performance.

Al Hadaf Technologies’s dApp Services

Distinctly Immutable

The coding on the smart contracts can never be tampered with. Once a contract has been created or deployed, it carries out its programmed functions and cannot be modified.

Al Hadaf Technologies’s dApp Services

High Transparency

Smart contracts are developed on blockchain networks and fully secured so anyone can access and view the transactions in the netwrok state and data in the blockchain network.

Al Hadaf Technologies’s dApp Services

No Third-party Fee

There is no need for a middleman for verification, the blockchain does that for you. Users can achieve directly his/her business goals with smart contract in blockchain network.

Al Hadaf Technologies’s dApp Services


The traditional contracts, these digitized contracts can be reused for the same purpose for which it was used before anywhere.

Al Hadaf Technologies’s dApp Services

Cost Capacity

In the detraction of third parties in DeFi smart contracts system, the cost that is conventionally incurred is avoided in blockchain network.

Multiple Use Cases Of Smart Contracts

Digital identity, smart contracts have interesting use cases regarding digital identity

Al Hadaf Technologies’s dApp Services

DeFi Protocols with DApps

Smart contracts are the driving strength behind all decentralised finances dApps, saving time, and improving efficiency.

Al Hadaf Technologies’s dApp Services


Enables and gives complete control of funds to the contributors in the blockchain network.

Al Hadaf Technologies’s dApp Services

Crypto Exchange

By encoding the conditions for the cryptocurriencies exchanges, they negate the need for an intermediary.

Al Hadaf Technologies’s dApp Services

Digital Identity

Users provide individual digital identity and make KYC ineffective for security purpose at the project.

Al Hadaf Technologies’s dApp Services

Supply Chain

Items in the supply chain can be tracked with full traceableness and transparency in the supply chain management.

Al Hadaf Technologies’s dApp Services


No need for intermediaries, security custody chains are unnecessary and reduce risks during transactions.

Al Hadaf Technologies’s dApp Services


Helps automatically in claims, resolving disputes with proof of work (POW).

Al Hadaf Technologies’s dApp Services

Record Keeping

Accurate and transparent data financial data recording, reducing auditing costs.

Al Hadaf Technologies’s dApp Services

Contract System

Makes the processes fastest, cheap, and easy by automating all operations.

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