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  • Matrix MLM Plan is one of the most demanded and internationally well known MLM plan in MLM Industry. In some areas, Matrix MLM Plan is also called as Forced Matrix Plan.

Matrix MLM Plan Offers Full Features

The separate feature of a matrix plan is its limited width. Unlike other MLM compensation plans, matrix restricts the number of distributors you can sponsor on your first level, usually to less than five. The most commonly used matrix MLM plans are 2×2, 4×7, 5×7, 3×9 and 2×12, and the MLM concept as their backbone with our Software. In brief, the matrix MLM plan & tree structure comes in pyramid style with a fixed width or frontline and depth or downline. A frontline member gets benefits and commissions when he introduces a new member according to his level set or in his downline and the progress of that member

Al Hadaf Technologies' Matrix MLM Plan

How Does The Matrix Plan Work?

The logic behind a matrix compensation plan is easy to understand. It is based on the concept of fixed width and depth, rendering an organized structure to your business. In the meanwhile, it reduces the risk and increasing accuracy and efficiency of operations. Our forced matrix MLM plan ensures that the pyramid grows according to the inputs defined by forced matrix MLM companies. Some of the popular MLM plans that firms use 2*12, 4*7, 5*7, and 3*9. For a better understanding, let’s say there is a group of 5*4. This means five sponsors on the first level, managing four levels deep.

Matrix MLM Companies More Distrebutors By Providing Multiple Compensations

The following individuals & institutions can uncover lucrative opportunities in a Matrix MLM Plan

Sponsor Bonus

Matching Bonus

Level Commissions

Forced Matrix

Position Bonus

Matrix MLM Software

Sponsor Bonus

It is the direct commission that the associate earns every time he/she refers to a new member with the amount depending on the company policy and package chosen by the downline. Our Software can calculate this bonus for you without hiccups.

Level Bonus

This is the bonus earned when a new member gets placed under your level. Don’t worry, our matrix MLM plan software will take the burden of bonus calculation for you.

Position Bonus

A type of motivational compensation piece is an opportunity to earn additional income, given out when the downline team members recruit new members and they join within their matrix. Our sofware has got this bonus calculation covered too.

Forced Matrix Bonus

Matrix bonus is also an additional compensation to the distributors. The members will be eligible for this bonus when they fill their matrix with downline members.

Matching Bonus

A matching bonus is a commission received by the sponsors based on the earnings of downline distributors whom they have sponsored in his/her downline.

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