Monoline MLM Plan

  • The monoline plan is the most straightforward MLM compensation scheme. Members are added to this plan on a first-come, first-served basis, in a linear fashion, one below the other. This strategy is also known as a linear or single-leg technique.

How Does The Monoline MLM Plan Work?

The forced matrix plan is closely similar to the monoline MLM plan, sometimes referred to as the linear MLM plan. When it comes to the technical features, the monoline plan outperforms the forced matrix design in some ways. To put it another way, the compulsory MLM plan operates with a set number of slots (which must be filled up), while with the monoline plan, there is always an opportunity to earn money whenever a new member joins the network. The joining time stamp affects the downline's organizational structure. The rewards will be greatest for the first person there.

How Does The Monoline MLM Plan Work

Monoline Compensations & Bonuses

Create a unique custom compensation structure

Referral Bonus

The bonus earned for referring or sponsoring a new member is known as the referral bonus or sponsor bonus. As a referral bonus, he or she will receive a specified sum. Similar to that, a user can get the most out of sponsor bonuses.

Matching Bonus

When a user earns a bonus—such as a rejoin bonus or referral incentive—and the sponsor also benefits from the same thing, i.e., both the user and the sponsor receive the bonus at the same time, it's called a matching bonus.

Rejoin Bonus

Even though it is a single leg structure, the users will get many re-entries when system grows and will be getting bonus/commissions too. This is a particular speciality of monolonie mlm business structure.

Monoline Compensation Plan

Monoline Compensation Plan

The monoline plan is the only MLM compensation plan that is as basic and uncomplicated as it is. One of the most desired and well-liked business plans in the MLM industry because to its simplicity in terms of management, accounting, and recruiting. For newer members, the commission structure may not be as justified, but it still pushes them to sign up as soon as possible. This provides the business's growth with the much-needed impetus in its early phases. Later on, the business may change the commission structure or include requirements and restrictions pertaining to the required minimum of hires. The commission rates will be balanced as a result, and the rate of business expansion will remain steady.

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