MLM Software Services

  • Al Hadaf Technologies specializes in developing MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) software solutions. MLM software plays a crucial role in managing and streamlining the operations of MLM businesses.
    We provides a comprehensive platform that assists MLM companies in various aspects, including member management, compensation plans, sales tracking, genealogy tracking.
    MLM companies manage their network marketing operations, including member management, compensation plans, commission calculations, genealogy tracking, product management, e-commerce integration.

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MLM Software Based on Blockchain Technology

Enterprises incentivize the network for promoting the products

Hybrid Based MLM Platform

Hybrid Based MLM Platform

By merging the benefits of the Ethereum and Tron smart contract MLM programs, our hybrid smart contract-based MLM platform enables users to earn ETH as well as TRX.

Ethereum Based MLM Platform

Ethereum Based MLM Platform

Our ethereum smart sontract MLM software platform is 100% decentralized and take advantages of high levels transparency, immutability, no humam involvement.

Tron Based MLM Platform

Tron Based MLM Platform

Our tron based smart contract MLM software can process transactions at a higher speed and lower cost than other platforms. It can be deployed easily in the Tron Virtual Machine (TVM).

Crypto MLM Platform With  Ethereum Smart Contract

MLM Based On Ethereum

Our high-quality crypto MLM platform with ethereum smart contract handles the distribution of commission, collection of the users’ joining fees.

Smart Contract Based MLM on  Tron and Ethereum

Smart Contract Based MLM

Our smart contract based MLM on tron and ethereum manages different aspects like user registration on the platform, payment processes.

Smart Contract Based MLM on Binance Platform

MLM Based on Binance

Binance smart chain BSC smart contract MLM software is 100% decentralized and customizable software with robust features.

Features of MLM Software

Gain an edge your compititors by using our well-crafted and featured heavy cryptocurrency MLM services.

Admin Panel Modules
New Registration
Edit Member Profile
Members Invoice
Direct Referral View
Members security codes
Generate E-PIN
Fresh E-PIN
Pay Rewards
View TDS List
Rewards List
Customers Feed Backs
Block/Allow a Member
Member Blocked List
Member Blocked List
Website Maintenance
Member Messages
Member Report
Filter Member List
Search E-PIN
Geneology View
Change Setting
Used E-PIN
Pay Commissions
View Leg Income
Member A/C Balance
Member Bank Detail
Member List
Downline List
Member Panel Modules
Member Registration
Registration Certificate
Welcome Letter
Geneology View
Tree View
Direct Downline Report
Income/Reward Detail
Send Message to Admin
Investment & ROI Income
Account Report
Member Downline List
Member Wallet
Member E-PINs Management
Change Wallet Password
Member Bank Detail
Member List
Downline List
Used E-PIN
Pay Commissions
View Leg Income
Member A/C Balance
Change Password
Account Setting
My Withdrawn List
Withdraw Balance
E-PIN generate
Transfer Balance
Change Setting
E-Wallet Modules
E-Wallet Balance
Fund Transfer
Multiple Wallets
Funds Transferred Details
Change Transaction Password
SMS / Email Alet
E-Wallet Transaction Details
Funds Recd. Details
E-Wallet Withdrawal Report
Member Wallet
Forgot Transaction Password
Fund Withdraw